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Established in 2017 under the companies Act as a distributor of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, surgical items and medical equipment. Jadons Healthcare Ltd offers expertise in product distribution, channel development, product sourcing and market development.

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Distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, surgical items and medical equipment.

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Our distributors have become strategic allies. Our commitment to oral health knows no boundaries.

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Trance Towers, Melili Road off Mombasa Road,South B-Nairobi,

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Research, development and innovation

The innovative spirit of the R+D+i area, with the collaboration of very prestigious universities, gives a quick and studied answer to the needs and demands that continuously arise in the dental field.
“We want to be useful and reach out to everyone using the many channels available to us. The digital age and social networks make it easier. We want to be there, for you, by your side. We’re wherever you are..”

Andrew Abincha

Founder, Director of Jadons Healthcare Ltd.

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Why People Trust Us

At Jadons Healthcare Ltd our commitment is with you, we care about the dental health of your children and we want to give you the best so that children, young people, adults and elderly people show healthy teeth without complexes.

High Quality Lab

Accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of the reported test results

Unmatched Expertise

Without equal or rival; peerless.

Precise Result

Our products are measured to the true value

Qualified Staff

Our staff have the abilities to perform and deliver without supervision

our Products

Jadons Healthcare is currently partnering with Laboratorios KIN to distribute a range of dental products.

Get One Step Ahead Of Disease

We take comfort in having been there for you, committed to offering innovative and quality products, helping you achieve a healthy mouth and fresh breath.